The Human Tribes

From the North, born of war, enemies of the Vanir. Crom is their god.

+2 Strength
+1 Constitution
Advantage with all climb rolls. Cimmerians are the greatest climbers in all the world. Most have climbed at least one peak that other races would deem impossible.
Strong willed: Advantage vs all fear and mind control saves.
Antediluvian Strength (Strength maximum:20)
No wizards or sorcerers


The civilized races, descended from the original tribes of Bori.Each refers to themselves not as hyborians but as from their country of origin. Aquilonians, Argossean, Brythunian, Corinthians, Khorajans, Kothians, Nemedians, and Ophirians.

+1 to any three stats
Any one proficiency or skill.
Voice of the Shining Kingdoms: (Charisma maximum:20)
No barbarians

From the east, including the Turanian Empire.

+1 to three stats
Hyrkanian Bow or Tulwar proficiency
+1 damage to medium/long range with bows
No disadvantage at long range with bows.

From the far east, they are locked in struggle with the Altmer for dominance of the Scarlet Circle.

+2 Intelligence or Dexterity
Thaumaturgy cantrip or stealth proficiency
Any one sorcery cantrip
No barbarians

Also known as Redguard, Kushites hail from the jungles of the south.

+2 Constitution
+1 Strength
Adrenalin surge: once per day, may make an extra attack, move or saving throw.
Advantage vs poison saves
+1 damage with all spears

Barbarians from the far north, worshippers of Ymir. There are two tribes of Nordheimers, the red haired Vanir, and the blond Aesir.

+2 Constitution
+1 Strength
Cold Resistance
Born with a Sword: +1 damage with all swords.
Broadsword proficiency
Bloodline of Giants: (Constitution maximum:20)

From Shem and the surrounding deserts. Of dark eyes, and black beards.

+1 to three stats
Liar: proficiency in Deception. Shemites are renowned for being the greatest liars in the world.
Stone Cold Killer: Attacks on helpless opponents force two saves, critical results are instant death.
+1 damage with all bows at short range

Worshippers of Set, a people steeped in mystery and sorcery.

+2 Intelligence or +2 Wisdom
Advantage on all lore checks
One cantrip or Stygian Bow proficiency
No barbarians

Hillman from the Himelian Mountains, the most dangerous mountain range in the world.

+1 Str
+1 Constitution
Night-eye: Wazuli hillmen are known for their night time ambushes.
Toughness: Add level +5 to hit points.
No wizards or sorcerers

Most Zamorans are black-haired and fairly dark of complexion. They are descended from the Zhemri, a mysterious race said to be one of the first human peoples. The Zamorans are regarded as an ancient and evil race. They are the best thieves in the world and are known for keeping faith with their employers when thieving to order.

+2 Dexterity
Proficiency with Stealth or Investigation.
Legendary Agility (Dexterity Maximum: 20)
No barbarians

Most Zingarans are black-haired and dark of complexion. They are lean and dangerous-looking in appearance and have fiery tempers. The warriors of eastern Zingara sport black moustaches.

+2 Cha
Untrustworthy: Sneak Attack +1d6
No barbarians

The Human Tribes

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