Gods of the Hyborian Age

Ancestor Worship, Some races worship their past ancestors. This veneration keeps them alive in the afterlife, but only so long as they are not forgotten. Dunmer, Khitans, Kushites, and Byrthunians, are the only races that go to great lengths in keeping their memories alive.

Asura, the Shining One, Keeper of Secrets and Wisdom. An underground and secret religion in the hyborian kingdoms, they have long kept to the shadows because of persecution by Mitra worshippers. But recently they have ascended to prominence in Aquilonia due to King Conan’s tolerance of all religions. Asura is also worshipped in far Khitai and Kambuja, and much more openly as a god/goddess of secrets.

Bel, God of Thieves, a shemite god who is worshipped in many other lands, especially Zamora, and also, Brythunia.

Crom, the Grim Grey God, Lord of the Mound. Crom is the god of the Cimmerians, and some Hyperborean tribes. He is a gloomy and savage god, who lives on a great mountain, from whence he sends forth dooms and death. Crom is a god of strength, battle and doom.

Erlik, the Yellow God of Death, is the Turanian war god. Originally a minor death god, Erlik worship overtook Turan thanks to the immortal prophet known as the Living Tarim. Erlik is a harsh god who tests his worshippers through hardships and suffering.

Erza, the Burning Goddess. She is a goddess of fire, destruction and vengeance. Mainly worshipped in Vendyha, she is also a patron goddess of many blacksmiths , particularly of Brythunia.

Ishtar, the Ivory Goddess, goddess of the flesh, of love and fertility, sex and beauty. Her temples are in every southern city, especially in the lands of Shem, and her worship is tolerated in the hyborian kingdoms, as her temples are often centers of prostitution.

Lounnatar, Mother Danu to Picts and beasts, goddess of rivers, nature, and magic. Beloved by sorcerers of Khitai, where she is know simply as Luon.

Loviatar, Maiden of Death, the Hyperborean goddess of death and sorcery. Her high priestess is Louhi, Queen of the Harpies, Queen of the White Hand.

Mitra, god of the hyborians, he is a god of light and truth. His worshippers believe he is the one true god. They believe in purity of the soul, so drinking and whoring are evil temptations to be avoided, not that they follow those tenets too closely. Mitraites often see other religions as dangerous and demonic.

Set, Father Set, the First Serpent, god of Stygia. A god of snakes and serpents, Set is synonymous with Stygia, that ancient dusky land.

Ukku, the Everlasting Sky. A god of storms, thunder and lightning. HIs servants are the four winds. A hrykanian god, Ukko is also worshipped by the Khajiit. .

Y’mir, the Frost Giant King, Dread Y’mir is the god of the Aesir and the Vanir. He is an earth god, as the northern barbarians believe the earth was made from snow and ice. They honor him with battle, drinking and song.

Gods of the Hyborian Age

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